Mark Hughes Confident Ronaldo Will Join Manchester United

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Manchester United legend Mark Hughes has admitted that he is delight that Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to return to the Premier League with the Red Devils and believes the cause It’s not about money alone, according to the Daily Mirror:

“It’s amazing for Manchester United and a good thing for Ronaldo. It makes sense for him to come back. The timing and rhythm of the match and he will be successful with the team, “added

” It’s like when I moved back to United, I was having a wonderful time in Germany with Bayern Munich club. the grandeur of there I had a great time But the only fact is Manchester United because everyone there tried to bring me back to football. And I might as well reject them.”

“It was driven by the club. I’ve been there since I was a rising star. I, too, have a special drive. So when I knew they wanted me it was an easy decision for both myself and my family.”

“I’m sure Cristiano feels the same way. and have the same emotions Many people talk about the money and wages that he will receive. But I believe that this is not a problem because Ronaldo is a football with a lot of money anyway, “

” it is a matter of anything other than lack of money is not the key factor in moving his team. The transfer came easily because he wanted to come back to United and you might think he saw an opportunity to be successful with this team as well. which he himself has won every tournament throughout his career,” said Mark Hughes.