Liverpool confirm Naby Keita is safe after Guinea coup

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Liverpool have confirmed that midfielder Naby Keita is safe after Guinea’s coup during his stay in the country.

Keita traveled from England to help his native Guinea play in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Africa, where on September 6 they have a home program against Morocco.

However, before the game began, Guinea ensued a coup, a military group calling itself the National Reconciliation and Development Board. It has announced that it will seize power, detain President Alfa Conde and draft a new constitution. This was cause by the lack of competence in the country’s leaders, leading to the economic downturn.

After the coup d’etat. The game between Guinea and Morocco had to be postpone abruptly. With Morocco’s players and staff leaving Guinea. While Guinea’s players and staff have yet to be confirme. Travel outside the country in any way

Until recently, Liverpool released a statement that And the club has been in contact with Keita all the time and the player is still safe. “We are in constant contact with Naby. And is communicat regularly through the management of his national team. We are satisfied that he is safe and well taken care of. Clearly, the situation was smooth. And we will continually negotiate with relevant agencies. We, including us, will try to bring Naby back to Liverpool in a timely and safe manner.”