Belgium ‘s beautiful form defeated the Czech 3-0

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Belgium successfully clinched the lead in the World Cup qualifiers after opening the nest to win. Czech Republic 3-0

World Cup 2022 qualifiers European zone on Sunday, September 5, in Group E at Stade King Beaudoin, Brussels, between the Czech Republic and Belgium.

The result showed that the first half opened for 8 minutes, Belgium led first, Hans Wanaken pierced through for Romelu Lukaku to speed up the wheel to break through the goal 1-0, while at the 23rd minute, Belgium continued to Aden. Hazard opened up to Romelu Lukaku, headed up but crossed the bar.

The defenders invaded one side in 30 minutes, Yuri Tielemans got the ball in front of the penalty area, but shot too hard over the crossbar. Before 40 minutes, the second ball came, Hans Wanaken crossed the ball out to the left for Eden Hazard to run up. shot 2-0

and ended the first half with this result

The second half, 48 minutes, Czech Republic narrowly hit the egg, Matej Vidra snatched the ball out of a single shot, but Thibaut Courtois took a narrow save leg, before 64 minutes, Belgium beat Romelu Lukaku again. Out on the right for Alexis Selemakers to receive the shot without remaining 3-0.

The rest of the time, Belgium could not shoot more, but kept the score until the end of the game, causing the nest to win. Czech Republic 3-0 ready to lead in the next group.

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