Southgate, detailed work

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Southgate, detailed work. England national team They play the 2022 World Cup qualifying round “halfway”, they have a record of winning 100 per cent.

Recently, the opening house collapsed Andorra to 4-0, although the “score” is not sweet for you to continue. But they got all 3 points, now stock up at 15 points, leaving 2nd place Poland by 5 points.

This Wednesday night, England will invade to Warsaw. If they win, they will lose 8 points. There are 4 games left. Cat wants to use the word “end of news”. England will be the champion of Group I. Of course, if the draw still leaves Poland 5 points, it shouldn’t be. will miss the group championship as well. But if saucy loses up Let’s talk about this soon.

This makes the game against Andorra Southgate not hesitate to change the 11-man squad at all, with the Hungarian 4-0 win in Budapest. The face of the real 11 is England (4-2-3-1. ): Jordan Picton Ford – Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Mack, chicken stew, Luke Shaw – de clan Rice, Calvin Phillips. News – Raheem Sterling, Mason’s Mountain, Jack Green, Lichfield – Harry Caine.

As for the day against Andorra Southgate, use this set. England (4-3-3): Sam Johnstone-Reece James, Tyron Mings, Conor Cuady, Kiere. N Trippier-Jude Bellingham, Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold-Bucayo Saka, Patrick Bamford. , Jesse Lingard


Southgate, good job, he reads that he must win Andorra for sure, give 11 sets to win Hungary to wait to meet with Poland, where he is the roaring lions manager, the first to call the right-back Came with 4 people and used the service of 11 real people to 3 people, namely James, Trippier and TAA. The cat has never seen anything like this either.

Now, the first half leading 1-0 England South Gate’s resolution yet again when the game by 1 hour to send Harry Caine, Jack Green, Lichfield and Mason Mountain in the field, an action to correct it. As there is no safety in looking gates 2 and 3 people in the stadium Lions got better after that 10-minute time penalty when Paramount’s hit play of Theodore O’Hara takes the loss in district and Harry. Ken was in charge of killing.

This is Kane’s 40th goal for England in 63 games, only four have surpassed him. England’s all-time scoring list is like this: 1. Wayne Rooney 53 goals 2. Sir Bobby Charlton 49 goals 3. Gary Lineker 48 goals 4. Jimmy Greaves. 44 Goal 5. Harry Kane to Michael Owen 40 goals.

A record of 53 goals seen, in 2 years Kane should be able to break it down. because he keeps shooting don’t stop like this And there are more games at the national level as well. Where will the warm-up game be?

We have seen the resolution of Southgate’s work again, even with Andorra not being reckless. Cats are very convinced that in this qualifying round, Southgate is looking to win 10 games in a row. “Perfect. You can even get it, you have to watch the 6th match against Poland.

San Marino

Poland just showed a brutal form, defeating San Marino 7-1 as well, they are led by world-class striker Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. This match should go to Let’s have fun

But in the end, England will definitely be the champions of the group and next year 2022 in November. Will we be able to see if it’s time for the roaring lions to become the “Major” champions again?

They missed Euro 2020 again on penalties. Until next year’s World Cup qualify for knockout was extended to the penalty area again Will it be the same? Hahahaha!

At this time, England is the 3 favorites for the World Cup champions, with Brazil 1 favorites, rates 1, pay 5, France, 2 favorites, rates 1, pay 6, England 1, pay 7 and a half.

Let’s watch for a long time. Roaring lions. This team is the favorite of Thai football fans.