Ronaldo is in quarantine before preparing for his debut

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To Manchester! Ronaldo is in quarantine before preparing for his debut. Considered moving back to life in the UK again in 12 years for Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese national team striker. Decided to

return to football with Manchester United, the team in the English Premier League again by the 36-year-old footballer who returned from a mission to serve his homeland to England. This past Sunday afternoon (September 5) is in the midst of a 10-day quarantine in accordance with government measures. Which referred to bring the family out to get sunlight in the natural atmosphere around the accommodation

At the same time, the person shared the picture via online media, both Instagram and Facebook with the message “Who says Manchester doesn’t have sunlight”. This event has gained more than 13 million likes from fans on Instagram. instagram

While Georgina Rodriguez, a beautiful young wife of Spanish. of a good shooting star. It has share a new life in the British Isles. with text “How did I miss living in the UK?”

For Cristiano Ronaldo decided to move back to join. “Red Devils” for a period of 2 years with the option to extend the contract for another year. Which this time brought the whole family to Manchester, including Georgina Road. Riguez, a girlfriend and four children, consisting of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, Eva, Mateo and Alana,

has had success with the top team of Manchester. Plenty of turrets, swept every championship on the British Isles. including scoring 118 goals from 292 appearances in all competitions, which the 36-year-old striker’s debut game is expected to take place in the match that Manchester United will open at home against Newcastle United in This Saturday, September 11