McKennie deported to Turin – undisclosed cause of coronavirus breaking

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McKennie deported to Turin – undisclosed cause of coronavirus breaking. Weston McKenney United States midfielder Has been sent back to Juventus already. After violating COVID-19 prevention rules.

McKennie has been ban from the United States ahead of the 2022 World Cup qualifier in their 1-1 draw with Canada for violating team policies relate to COVID-19 prevention measures. The latest has been deport back to Turin already. Will not be involve in Wednesday’s game against Honduras.

McKennie immediately apologized for the incident via social media. But it seems to create dissatisfaction with the agency Juventus will have to investigate the incident thoroughly. Because at this time, the cause of the US national team has not been disclose to such penalties. Previously, Juventus were unhappy with McKenny’s behavior because the American midfielder had already had a case. 

At a party during Italy’s strict lockdown and curfew in Turin this year. With two other teammates, Paulo Dybala and Arthur Melo, were invite to be punish together.