FIFA World Cup 2022 : England thrashed Andorra 4-0

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FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying round European zone match between “Roaring Lions” England open home against. Andorra at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night, September 5, 2021,

starting the ufabet game 17 minutes, the hosts have a chance to win. From the moment that Reece James pays through the channel for Jude Bellingham to fall to the back line. Before opening the door for Bukayo Saka to run and come off the post a little.

Minutes later, the “roaring lion” continues the game. As Bukayo Saka open the ball into the penalty area, the visiting team was intercept through Jesse Lingard, hit with a left-footed English net, leading 1-0

In the 21st minute

The host almost escaped 2-0 from the stroke of J. Szy Lingard slip into the ball and chipped the ball over the head of Andorra goalkeeper Josep Gomes. But the referee refused because it was offside.

In the 37th minute

The defenders almost got it again Trent Alexander-Arnold. Open the longest ball for Jude Bellingham to catch the ball down. Pull the rhythm to avoid the visiting team and hit the first post into the net. The first half ended. England led 1-0

back to play in the second half in the 71st minute. The host got a penalty. Lichfield beat Jack Greene hit a foul in the penalty area. And Harry Kane undertook not to kill the British to flee is 2-0

minutes away is the 78 British soap Cayo 3-0 Sagar paid up front. Let Jesse Lingard drag into the cut before pressing with the left to pass the ball through the hands of Josep Gomes decisively inserted into the pole.

In the 85th minute, “Roaring Lions” did not pay off the game. Jesse Lingard took the ball forward before paying for Bukayo Saka to beat England, leaving it 4-0 to

finish the game. “Roaring Lions” England opened the house collapse. Andorra 4-0 wins 5 matches in a row, taking 15 points and leading in Group I.

Players for both teams
England (4-3-3): Sam Johnston-Reece James (Jack Grealish, 61), Tyrone Mings, Conor Coudy, Kieran Trippier – Jude Bellingham (Mason Mount, 62), Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold – Jesse
Andorra (5-3-2): Josep Gomes – Chus Rubio, Max Lóbera, Marc Bales, Christian Garcia Gonzalez, Moises San Nicolas (Joan Cerbos) 86) – Jordi Rubio (Marc Garcia Renom, 74), Mark Rebes, Ludovic Clement (Alexander Martinez, 74) ) – Marzio Vieira (Ydefons Lima 86), Aaron Sanchez (Ricard Fernandez 66)